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 Live Demo Confirmation - Thank You!

We received the information you just submitted.
Thank you for your interest in scheduling a personalized interactive demonstration of MedSupply Software, a medical inventory software database application.  We sent a confirmation message and calendar invitation to the email address you specified.  We look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have during the demo!

The best way to prepare for a personal “orientation”

is to:

  • Make a list of questions you have – (e.g. Can this be integrated with Practice Management or EMR software?)

  • Make a list of any functions you'd like to go over

  • Decide how many users need access to the software

  • Check if you have (electronic) data that can be imported

  • Determine if you need to manage one or many locations

  • Invite a decision maker to attend

In the demo you can:

  • Tell us about any problems tracking supply levels before needing to reorder

  • Tell us about a process workflow that you are trying to improve

  • Ask as many questions as you want

  • Invite others in other locations to join in the internet session

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