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MedSupply Standard

MedSupply Standard is designed to maintain a perpetual inventory count by using a scanner to capture / track manufacturer's barcodes when inventory items are used or when they are being re-stocked.
The software will alert users when an item's reorder point is reached and create a purchase order record for a preferred vendor. It allows users to control inventory items that are assigned by lot numbers and/or expiration dates. Extensive management reports give users the ability to filter and export the data by many criteria.

MedSupply Plus

MedSupply Plus is designed for Surgical Center operations and incorporates the patient database capability from the Standard version. In addition, it allows users to track patient case cost usage associated with doctor groups, surgeons, and procedures. Reporting capabilities are extended to include summary or detail listings of inventory activity associated with any (or all) patients, doctor groups, surgeons, or procedures, including item cost comparisons year over year.

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