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Medical Inventory Software for Healthcare
1D & 2D Barcode Ready, Available in the Cloud or your On-premise Secure Server!

MedSupply Medical Inventory Management Software

Unlike many other inventory applications, MedSupply Software is designed specifically for all types of healthcare facilities - it tracks patient/physician/location usage of Vaccines, Supplies, PPE, medications, devices, purchasing/receiving, Fixed Asset Equipment Maintenance, and Much More!

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Key Features

MedSupply is an easy to use, feature-rich, and scalable application designed to make medical inventory management a breeze for any organization. Here are some key features and characteristics that make MedSupply the industry standard for medical inventory management:

  • Automated Re-Order Alerts and Replenishment of Items Used

  • Track Meds, Devices, Implants, DME items and so much more!

  • Scan Items In / Out (to track usage by patient)

  • Medication re-packaging and kit assemblies

  • Manage Fixed Assets & Periodic Equipment Maintenance

  • Easy-to-Use Secure Interface / HIPAA Compliant

  • Reads GTIN & UPC Package & 2-D Matrix Barcodes

  • Track Lot Numbers & Expiration Dates

  • Manage MSDS sheets, Product Pictures, and Documents

  • Track Vaccines, DEA Restricted Meds, Implants, Expiring Items

  • Patient / Doctor / Procedure Case Cost Tracking

  • Reduces and Tracks Waste, Theft, & Expirations

  • Track Dental Implants from Nobel, Straumann, Astra, and more...

  • Track ALL of Your Items From ALL of your Suppliers

  • Single or Multiple Offices / Departments

  • Comprehensive Reporting with full Exporting capabilities

  • Built-in User Security & Restrictions

  • U.S. Based Support Team

Recognizes UPC and 2-D package barcodes

 - or -

Create your own!

medical inventory software management

Scan items with your tablet cordless batch scanner, or bluetooth scanner

barcode your inventory

Scan items used during a patient encounter using this mini cordless batch scanner or hang it in your stockroom to scan items taken out.

Optional Features

MedSupply is a modular, scalable application, so you can easily add on features if your practice requires them:



Manage fixed assets and equipment maintenance activities. Create asset barcodes and reports with ease.


Create customer quotes, sales orders, POS transactions, recurring invoices,   and A/R information from the available inventory.

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Two Versions Available

We offer three versions of MedSupply to best suit your practice's needs!

Standard Version

Barcode scanning for accuracy and ease of use

Scan items, track OH quantities and usage and cost by patient / department/ provider.

Extensive reporting and analysis

Manage PO's, Receiving, Supplier Invoices and discrepancies

Multi-user, multi-location options

Plus Version

All of the features of Standard plus:

Dispense prescriptions.

Tracking by physician group, doctor, patient, procedures, and encounter info.

Integration with EMR & practice management  applications.

Client Accolades

Client Accolades

'Extremely adaptive inventory software​'

"MedSupply is very easy to navigate - even our "computer fearful" have had no trouble using it! Our practice is constantly changing and MedSupply has been able to change with us...they have not failed us in adapting their product to our ever-changing environment. I would recommend this program to anybody looking to implement an easy and stress-free way to organize and track their inventory."


- Starla W.

System Requirements

The system requirements listed are recommendations. Actual requirements vary, based on the system configuration, number of users, and composition of the data.



  • Runs on Windows 7/10/11

  • Intel i3 processor or better1.3GHz or faster

  • 4GB system RAM

  • 500GB or larger HDD with >25% free disk space

  • Screen resolution of 1680x1050 or higher


  • Windows Server 2012 or greater

  • Intel Core i5/i9/Xeon; 1.4GHz or faster

  • 2GB RAM minimum

  • 500GB or larger HDD with >25% free disk space

SaaS / Cloud

Save on network infrastructure costs by using the cloud-based version of MedSupply!

medical inventory software

SaaS (Cloud) deployment offers customers access to MedSupply with a lower initial investment, and consistent costs over time. Unlimited remote online support, training, and updates are included with MedSupply Cloud . Yet another advantage MedSupply has over most of the competition is in how our cloud version is provided to customers. Microsoft’s foundational technology (Terminal Server) is leveraged to provide customers with a full, secure desktop experience on Windows PCs, Macs, or tablets anywhere in the world. The very same feature-rich version of MedSupply that our on-premise customers use is available through the Cloud version. Customers only need to ensure they have Microsoft Remote Desktop software installed on their PC, Mac, or tablet to access MedSupply. Note that all versions of Windows, starting with Windows 7 already have Remote Desktop pre-installed so configuration is a snap.

Support and Training

Remote support and training is simple to schedule via an internet session, where users of all levels can be guided through the various screens and reports that will support their individual roles and responsibilities.


A remote support agreement is available that includes periodic software release updates throughout the support period.


Training includes:

Office administrative and analysis reports

Patient & case cost usage scanning

Vendor & supply chain item management

Much, much more!

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Alexa Young, CA

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